You are at Sachin : He told me to go home and have milk

Sachin : He told me to go home and have milk

He told me to go home and have milk: Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar's Autobiography "Playing It My Way" has hit the stands on Thursday, 5 November has revealed many unknown facts of his life. The book which beaten even Apple's CEO Steve Jobs autobiography sales records in India.

Sachin autobiography throws light on Sachin Tendulkar's glorious journey of his 24-year career in cricket, controversies and personal life. Most importantly the book grabbed attention in view of Sachin claims on Greg chappel's wrong doing in the team as coach. The 496 pages book had witnessed many happy and sad moments of Sachin's life. In the book Sachin documented his debut test experience had applauded by cricket fans. Sachin who debuted in to test cricket at the age of 16 against Pakistan surprised the world during the time.

Sachin first test experience in his words .....

In 1989 when i selected for Pakistan series i felt so much happy. In my first international visit i faced world famous bowlers. Imaran bowled four bouncers continuously. I was shocked and said my self as welcome to international cricket. I played with all famous bowlers Wakar, Yonis, Imran,Akram, Akihib, Mustaq and Abdula Khadar in this series itself. I was afraid when Wakar ball spoiled my nose due to my wrong expectation in its hight. Blood came out from nose flowing on myshirt. Even miyandad came asked me to go hospital satirically. Miyandad joke is one side but a strong joke played by one of the Pak fan is still in my mind. The fan said to me as " Hey boy please go home and have milk".

In my first day itself i understood my situation how much its complex to play with such bowlers. In another shocking moment on one man who wear'ed Salwar Kamiz came in to ground and started shouting at Kapil. Later he reached  Prabhakar and repeated same. Finally he went to Captain Sreekanth and tried to hit him. I thought next chance is mine. Then immediately i ran into Dressing room. Though the tour was personally good for me we never got a feeling of playing cricket.

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