You are at No Tradition of Celebrating Batukamma in Mahbubnag...

No Tradition of Celebrating Batukamma in Mahbubnagar

There is no tradition of celebrating Batukamma festival in Mahbubnagar district,” said Congress MLA and former minister D.K.Aruna.

Speaking to reporters at CLP office in Hyderabad on Sunday, she asked, “Why was TRS MP Kavitha invited for the festival in Mahbubnagar district when there is no tradition of the same in the district?”

“TRS is trying to get political mileage by using the sentiment of Batukamma festival. It is also trying to divide the people by showing the same as the reason,” said Aruna.

Replying to a question, Aruna said that they celebrated Batukamma festival during Telangana movement only to take away Telangana sentiment to people.

She opined that it is not proper to decrease the number of holidays for Pongal and increase the holidays for Dasara festival.

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