You are at Lord HANUMAN Gets AADHAAR CARD!


Lord Hanuman has managed to get an Aadhaar card made, but there are no takers for it. The unique identification card with registration number 2094705195411 bearing a picture of the popular Hindu god, addressed him as the son of 'Hanuman-ji' besides giving a mobile number and thumbprint.

Image also showed Monkey god wearing a crown and string of pearls.He was named as son of "Pawan-ji' in the card (epic Ramayana says Hanuman was son of Wind God Vayu)

As per reports, The card was delivered four days ago to a post office in Sikar district of Rajasthan. The postman from Dantaramgarh here was unable to deliver the card, which was dispatched from Bangalore on September 6, as there was no authentic recipients for it, post office authorities said.

When postman Heera Lal received the card for delivery, he was shocked and brought the matter to the notice of senior officials. When they tried calling the number, it was switched off, said postmaster Gobraj, adding that preliminary probe into the matter suggested that the card was made by one Vikas.

When conslulted Vikas on the same, he said "I tried three or four times to get an Aadhar card made, but my finger prints were not being accepted, so I applied in the name of Hanuman and I gave my address and phone number." This attempt made by the computer operator surprised the officials.

However, Vikas denied to receive the card, will be sent back to Bangalore as there was no recipients for it, official said.

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