You are at Hero Shivaji fire on BJP Venkaiah Naidu

Hero Shivaji fire on BJP Venkaiah Naidu


Hero Shivaji appeared before media on Wednesday after a long gap and made some sensational remarks. The Actor-turned-Politician compared BJP Leaders to chameleons and advised AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu not to trust them any more. He accused BJP Leadership of ignoring all the poll promises and pushing AP into dark ages.

Shivaji alleges a Union Minister has amassed huge wealth in the past 18 months of NDA Rule. He pledged to drag the Public Representative to Supreme Court for corrupt practices. Is Hero Shivaji trying to settle score with BJP Leadership for disowning him for fighting for the rights of AP? Was he anguish due to approach of NDA is granting Special Status & Special Package to the residuary state?

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