You are at New Technology To Stop Traffic Signal Jumps

New Technology To Stop Traffic Signal Jumps

In continuing modernization of Hyderabad police department after KCR become CM, now city traffic police are in plans to opt new technology to control signal jumps.  Police technical department is preparing its plans to use famous mobile platform Android for this feature.

Till now city police are using CC cameras and Manual handy cameras to catch signal jumps. As per reviews it’s decided that the existing procedure had many issues to provide timely solution. Considering these problems city traffic police planning to bring new android app to communicate with other police parties. according to app details , it will be used to communicate and to grab the vehicles which are being jumped from one junction to another junction by using this technology .

In this technology traffic police planned to integrate RTA application together to synchronize the recorded data. Seems it’s a hard time for signal jumpers in Hyderabad.

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