You are at Crowd attacks; Minister Runs for life

Crowd attacks; Minister Runs for life

Bihar minister was attacked and held up for some time by an angry mob. Going into details Vinay Bihari who was a cabinet minister had inaugurated a concert in a small town and the musical event was part of celebrations for the Navratri religious festival.

It was presented by a hugely popular folk singer, Pawan Singh. Suddenly the audience got angry and started hurling chairs and eggs at the dias. After realizing the attack police started caning the crowd, which further intensifies them and they started pelting stones. Somebody even poured petrol on minister car  and set it on fire before the driver could take it out.

The minister and other officials then sensed that the situation may go out of hand and ran for securing lives. Six people have been arrested and a police complaint names them along with 500 unidentified others. The minister  said that the attack was planned and questioned about the need  of carrying bottles of petrol to the concert SP Chandan also felt same and he  called it an unfortunate incident  and said the situation was under control. Chandan said six persons have been arrested and raids are being conducted to nab others involved in it.

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