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Special Development Fund Only To Benefit TDP leaders: Jagan


Andhra Pradesh State Assembly witnessed some fireworks on Wednesday over the issue of Special Development Fund. Lashing out at the government for not allocating constituency development fund, the Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy said that the government had created the SDF only to favour the TDP leaders. He said even in Parliament and other State Assemblies, the members were given constituency development fund which helps them in developing their constituencies. The government was denying the opposition members a chance to develop their constituency, he said.

Jagan alleged that the State government was denying funds to MLAs belonging to opposition party while the TDP leaders and in-charges who lost elections were provided funds. "Government is issuing GOs in favour of the ex-MLAs belonging to the ruling and leaders under SDF for taking up works in constituencies. This is nothing but misusing of official machinery. How can the government issue GOs in favour of ex-MLAs and leaders," he asked.

"The TDP government by denying funds to opposition party MLAs is trying to pressurise them to leave the party and join the ruling party," he alleged. He said. "People of each constituency expect their representatives to take up development works in their areas. If the ACDF is suspended, how can MLAs especially opposition MLAs take up welfare programmes? This is nothing but harassing the opposition members and forcing them to join hands with the ruling party," he added.

Refuting the allegation, Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu clarified that the government was sanctioning funds under SDF to anyone who approached the government irrespective of party affiliations after assessing the schemes. Since YSRCP members were not approaching the government they were not getting the funds.

“If Jagan approaches the CM for funds under SDF, he would also be sanctioned," the Finance Minister said. He also made it clear that no constituency development fund would be given in future as well. The Finance Minister said the State government had allocated Rs 500 crore for taking up works under SDF during fiscal year 2015-16 and during the coming fiscal year too similar amount will be allocated.

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