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Roja Sensational Comments On Maa Election Results

MAA Elections: Roja says it's a SLAP

MAA elections have been concluded finally. When people thought it will be Jayasudha backed by Muralimohan that will win the MAA President post, it's Rajendra Prasad who won and gave a blow to them.The actor won with 83 vote's majority and several film celebrities expressed their views on win of Rajendra Prasad.Veteran actor Vijaya Chandar has stated that it is Murali Mohan who was actually defeated and not Jayasudha. He criticizes the politician for converting the Film Chamber office into a political party office. Actress and YSRCP MLA Roja expressed her joy over the victory of actor Rajendra Prasad.

Roja said Rajendra Prasad election would be a slap on the face for some big heads of the industries. She said Rajendra Prasad's win reflected the anger of the small artistes against the previous committee. She expressed the confidence in Rajendra Prasad's leadership and that he would translate his promises into action.Even though Rajendra Prasad won as president several other members like Vice presidents, members of the executive committee are Muralimohan's supporters. Will they allow Rajendra Prasad to function normally?

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