You are at Delhi Pre-Poll Survey: Modi Wave Crushes Kejriwal!

Delhi Pre-Poll Survey: Modi Wave Crushes Kejriwal!

Pre-Poll Survey: Modi wave crushes Kejriwal!

Aam Admi Party (AAP) which created a sensation by becoming the single largest party in Delhi general elections failed to establish a stable government and its chief Arvind Kejriwal faced the ire of people by resigning within few days after swearing-in as Chief Minster.

In fact, People of Delhi were no more ready to support Aam Admi Party and they are ready to teach a fitting lesson to publicity cravy Kejriwal if fresh elections were held anytime soon.

As per IBTL's latest survey,

BJP: 54 seats (+22)

Aam Admi Party: 11 seats (-17)

Congress: 2 seats (-6)

Others: 3 (+1)

In the 70 member Assembly, Any party which acquires more than 36 seats is certain to form the government. At present, BJP will be receiving 54 seats which means the saffron party bags an excess of 18 seats and that's what we call a Modi wave.

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