You are at Chiranjeevi: Babu Will Have Sleepless Nights

Chiranjeevi: Babu Will Have Sleepless Nights

Ex union minister and Rajya Sabha member Chiranjeevi was in West Godavari district’s Kakinada, where he addressed the Congress workers. 

In his characteristic style, Chiranjeevi said that Chandra Babu will have sleepless nights for having made unattainable and unachievable promises. 

He warned Babu and his government that if they do not resolve the issue of loan waivers, then the farmers are bound to commit suicides en masse like in the past.

 Chiranjeevi also pointed out that Babu’s government simply converted agricultural loans into crop loans.

Babu also behaved irresponsibly towards Kapus by allotting them hardly anything in the budget despite promising the moon, Chiranjeevi said sarcastically.

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