You are at KCR Cabinet Under Scan!

KCR Cabinet Under Scan!

Reports are rife that Telangana ministers are under Intelligence scanner. The recent sacking of first Deputy CM Rajaiah following "allegations of corruption" says that all. Word has it that the Intelligence Department is spying on the activities of ministers, higher officials and constantly sending the reports to Chief Minister Office. Minister's decisions, working attitude, private events are all said to be under observation. Recently, KCR had shared few issues related to various departments with those ministers in privy and ministers were said to be stunned with KCR revealing several issues of their departments.

CM apparently directed Intelligence department to observe the works of ministers and MLAs district-wise, their private businesses, transfers and deputations of higher officials within the departments, contracts. Above all, CM reportedly told Intelligence wing to collect information on ministers, MLAs in real-estate businesses.

Even ministers said to have alerted with the recent sacking of T. Rajaiah and avoiding attending any private functions, events. Also ministers are staying away from media in order to avoid unnecessary 'controversies'. Especially after Cabinet meetings, ministers are reportedly switching off their mobiles in an attempt to keep the internal issues under wrapper.

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