You are at Padma Bhushan to Power Star?

Padma Bhushan to Power Star?

Irrespective of whether you are a fan or not, the one thing you may admit is the name of power star Pawan Kalyan has been ringing a lot in your ears lately. It is not just his thumping success as a superstar in films but also his shadow on the political front which has led to a phenomenal victory of the TDP and BJP.

When there is so much happening from his end, it is also obvious to see some reciprocation. As a result, few thoughts are emerging about giving the prestigious Padma Bhushan award to Pawan. As per sources, in the recent sent to the government, his name is not there but before that, are there any chances for Pawan to get it?

Well, his elder brother Chiranjeevi got it and there is a valid reason. Chiru came up with a blood bank and he grew from scratch in the industry and established an empire. He also did a lot of charity and given his service to art and society, he got it. So, does Pawan have the eligibility? Many feel he does.

After hearing Saina Nehwal's statement on Padma Bhushan, the talk came out as to why not for PK. As it is, Pawan is close to top government leaders and it is easy. So, if not this year then next year he can. But truth is, Pawan is more like Aamir Khan who stays away from awards and recognitions so if he really accepts the Padma Bhushan, it would be a festival for his fans.

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