You are at Abusive War of Words B/w Errabelli & Revanth Reddy...

Abusive War of Words B/w Errabelli & Revanth Reddy


Group Wars in Telangana TDP has reached a dangerous state. War of words between topbrass leaders Errabelli Dayakar Rao & Revanth Reddy in the recent party meeting at NTR Bhavan has only highlighted the seriousness of the situation.
Telangana TDP held a meeting in party office on Saturday to decide on the game plan for Warangal by-poll. The meeting, however, ended up as platform for Errabelli & Revanth to prove their dominance.

Errabelli's Version:

The issue began with Revanth Reddy offering a job to Errabelli Dayakar Rao's former PA. Errabelli lost his cool when he saw his Ex-PA in party office and after coming to know about Revanth's political tactics.
T-TDP Legislative Party Leader warns - 'How could You (Revanth Reddy) hire someone who was sacked by me? Party's image has already been damaged because of you. Be in your limits & it will be good for you'.
'Few people come to the party meetings like Item Songs in films. No one knows when they would come & when they would leave.'

Revanth's Version:

Actually, Errabelli sacked his PA after he attended the rally of Revanth Redddy from prison to city on the occasion of obtaining bail in cash-for-vote scam. Knowing about it, Revanth offered a post for the person in party office using his powers as T-TDP Working President.

Revanth Reddy - 'You sacked him just for participating in a rally. Shouldn't a Reddy be in TDLP? What your problem when I'm paying him the salary?'.
'Do I belong to an party other than TDP? Whatever I have done is for the sake of party. I'm not a covert like you. I will thrash you if I get targeted for vested interests'.

Errabelli's Reaction: 'Sakkaga Matladu...Thamasha Chestunnava? Naa Sangathi Neeku Telvadu'.

Revanth's Counter: 'Neeku Neevallu Entho..Naaku Naavallu Anthe. Nuvvu Nannem Cheyalev'.

Errabelli walked out of the meeting due to Revanth's hard-hitting remarks. At this juncture, T-TDP President Ramana advised Revanth Reddy to be in his limits and not to cross the line.

Both Errabelli & Revanth should be blamed for damaging the party's image with their style of functioning. It's time for party supremo Chandrababu Naidu to step in & solve the differences between key leaders. Majority of the Party Leaders have decided to offer the chance to field candidate in Warangal by-poll to BJP. However, Revanth objected this move saying recent survey proved TDP is much stronger than the National party.

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