You are at Talasani displeasure With Babu!

Talasani displeasure With Babu!

Chandrababu doing business with Party: TDP leader

TDP rebel MLA Thalasani made sensational comments on his party chief today. He claimed Babu doing business with MLC and Rajya Sabha MP posts. He trying to portray him as most liar in the state. Thalsani slammed all the TTDP leaders for supporting Chandrababu Naidu.

Thalasani indirectly put his finger towards Revanth Reddy where every one believes as main reason behind Thalasani exit from party. He said that he will reveal all the TDP MLAs names and their collection details from business people. In addition to that he demanded ruling party investigation on certain MLA's who using RTI act to black mail the people. Its every one knows that Thalasani went in TRS due to his importance gone down with Revanth entry into party caused to make these allegations. Now its for Revanth to counter his comments , lets see how the TDP tiger will respond.

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