You are at Burst Prostitution in Banjara Hills !

Burst Prostitution in Banjara Hills !

Recently TV actress named Swathi was arrested by Banjara Hills task force police in Moti Nagar, here comes another such incident into light. The other day police have took a Delhi based model into custody after catching her red-handed doing prostitution. Also some mind blogging facts are revealed by this incident.

All these prostitiuon cases are coming to light at places where upper-middle class families live, especially in Banjara Hills area. Few tenants are posing as software employees and hiring triple bedroom flats in the area, which in turn they will give for rent to models and small-time actresses on a night basis. If anyone goes to these 'prostitution dens' they look like as if they are normal family-based homes. And to avoid the eye of other residents, these den owners manage watchman's family such that he will not spill beans about visits of strangers to the flat.

Even the residents in adjacent flats will have no idea of what is going behind the walls of their flat. After Banjara Hills, areas like Moti Nagar and SR Nagar are said to be having such dens to a good numbers. Time for residents to keep a tab what is going on in adjacent flat too..

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