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India's top cops give Narendra Modi suggestions on how to bring Dawood back

The three day all India director general's and inspector general's conference in which the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is present is discussing two key issues. While one issue pertains to the ISIS threat, the other is relating to Dawood Ibrahim. The top cops are discussing various issues pertaining to the Dawood issue and some of the important points will be used by Modi when he meets with his counterpart in 2016 during the SAARC summit.

The meeting, which is also attended by the National Security Advisor (NSA), Ajit Doval and Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, is being held at Kutch in Gujarat. Modi has changed a routine precedent after he took over as the Prime Minister. These meetings were usually held at Delhi. However last year the venue was Guwahati and this year it is at Kutch.

How do we bring Dawood back?

Bringing Dawood back to India from Pakistan is an important issue that is being addressed at this meeting. It would take more than just a covert operation to bring this don back and try him for his crimes. There would need to some diplomatic effort as well and for India to make out a strong case at the Prime Ministerial level, the need for strong evidence not based on hearsay is required. The top cops of the nation will put in all their efforts to provide that required information so that the same can be shared with Pakistan at the PM level. The police chiefs of all the states will suggest ways of putting forth the case relating to Dawood with Pakistan.

The ISIS threat: The ISIS is becoming a nuisance for India. When compared to the rest of the world India has done a good job and managed to keep the recruit count to just 23. However, police officials and intelligence bureau officials realise that the threat will continue to linger on. Suggestions would be provided and later discussed at this meeting on how to continue combating the menace of the ISIS. The Home Ministry will continue to stick to its motto of de-radicalisation when it comes to ISIS fan boys and girls. The meeting would convey to the police chiefs that there needs to be a reformist approach in such cases whenever possible. Merely picking up youth on flimsy grounds and going on a witch hunt will do more harm than good, the Home Minister will tell the cops.

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