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Warm weather due to south eastern winds


The presence of strong southeasterly winds from the Bay of Bengal has dumped a lot of moisture in the air due to which the temperatures are running above normal. The Indian Meteorological Department said the warm winds had created a system which was raising even night temperatures. Indian Meteorological Department senior official Narasimha Rao said, “The city and many districts are recording more than 20º Celsius even at night, which is high. This is because of the cloud formation and moisture in the air."

Last year at the same time there was a short spell of warm weather. “But it was not as high as it is now. The night temperatures had dipped to 16ºC and 14ºC last year. But this year, there is a continuous recording of 20ºC and 21ºC at night," he said. Many locals in the city have begun using air-conditioners during the day, when the mercury is shooting up to 33ºC, and at night. The Indian Meteorological Department forecast that this situation will prevail till December 20 after which the northern winds will bring in cold air.

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