You are at Velagapudi Shift: Obey Or Quit, AP Govt. To Staff

Velagapudi Shift: Obey Or Quit, AP Govt. To Staff


In what could be considered as a stern warning to its employees working in the secretariat, who are reluctant to move to Amaravati, the State government has issued a directive to contract and out sourced employees in the secretariat asking them to relocate to the 'Interim Government Complex' being built at Velagapudi in the new capital region by June 27 without fail.

For all these contract/out sourced staff, who constitute about 40 per cent of the strength of various government departments in the secretariat, the government gave a clear message, asking them either to follow its orders or get ready to lose their jobs.

“You have no other choice. You have to follow the government's order and join duty at the new capital city by June 27. If you don't join your duties at the temporary secretariat before the deadline, you will be terminated from your service," this was the message conveyed to contract employees in the secretariat by the heads of their respective departments.

“Even though there is no infrastructure in and around Velagapudi, we are forced to obey the government's order. If we resist, we will lose our jobs," an official of health department, who is on contract basis, told Media.

“If we move to the capital city and other employees do not join us there, how can we work there?," a contract employee in the education department lamented.

“Majority of us have decided to move to Vijayawada as there is no point arguing with our heads of departments," an IT department contract employee said.

CM to convene high-level meeting:- Against the backdrop of secretariat employees' open reluctance to move to Amaravati, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is likely to hold a high-level meeting in Vijayawada on Wednesday on finalising the departments that are to be shifted to the new capital in the first phase by June 27.

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