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Finally RGV gets a Satirical Tweet from Omar Abdullah


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma always stays in the news with his controversial statements. He has already faced the wrath of cricket lovers with his tweets regarding Indian Cricket Team's performance at the World Cup 2015. Now it's the turn of Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir to get irritated with the cricket-hatred tweets of RGV.

"No wonder your movies are such block buster hits all the time," said Omar in the process of trolling Ram Gopal Varma. With this satire, Omar took a dig at Ramu's consecutive flop flicks in the recent years.

Earlier, Ram Gopal Varma has took it to Twitter to express his happiness over India losing the semi-final match against Australia. "I am so happy India lost, because I hate cricket. I hate cricket because I love my country and cricket makes my country men most non-productive because they stop working & start watching. I wish and pray to all the Gods to cure my country men of this dangerous disease called cricketitis," tweeted Varma last night!

We just need to wait and see if RGV gives a counter to the star-politician Omar Abdullah or ends the topic by staying calm.

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