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In Case of Bank Robbery With 125-Foot Tunnel, a Corpse in a Car

The man who owned the house from where burglars dug a tunnel right into a bank in Haryana has been found dead in his car on a highway, the police said today, adding that they suspect he committed suicide.

Three men have been arrested for the daring heist, which was discovered on Monday morning. The 125-foot tunnel, which ended in the locker room of the state-run Punjab National Bank, had created international headlines. The three men who are suspects were arrested in Gohana, 210 kilometres from Chandigarh. 

"We have recovered over 10 kg ornaments from a bag hidden in a brick kiln in a nearby village. We are trying to apprehend other suspects," said senior police officer Arun Nehra.  

The gang emptied nearly 90 of more than 350 lockers in the raid and stole cash, jewellery and other items worth thousands of crores, according to the police.  

"The job of the thieves was made easy as the floor of the locker room was an ordinary cement floor commonly seen in houses," said Mr Nehra. "It was easily punctured by the robbers who used low-tech iron tools." -source:ndtv

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