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Tollywood condemns Peshawar school attack

The terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar has sent shock waves across the world and right from politicians, social activisits to celebrities have strongly condemned the terrorist attack on school children. Several Tollywood celebrities took to their social networking sites to express their shock over the incident. Here's what some of them had to say :

"Feeling of hopelessness. The dark days are upon us. You know when 1/3rd of all news is bad faith, hope and love cease to exist."- Samantha 

"Shocking to hear about the bombing in Pakistan. Killing school kids ? Disgusting monsters! My heart goes out to all the families." - Akhil 

"Wats happening in this world In the name of religion is unacceptable nd tragic... Guys believe in only one religion - that is HUMANITY" - Nikhil 

"So cruel and sad! How can any human, terrorist or not,have the heart or mind to purposely kill so many innocent children??!! Insane Cowards!" - Sushanth 

"Horrifying news about peshawar... What kind of a mind would do that to children.. Dark times." - Rahul Ravindran 

"Such a horrifying incident at d military school , Peshawar..Even schools aren't safe any longer. How can taking innocent lives b of any use?" - Rakul Preet 

"Ok now it's getting scarier day by day. First Australia, now Pakistan. What next??? I fear to even think" - Taapsee 

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