You are at Andhra Pradesh to get biomedical Lab

Andhra Pradesh to get biomedical Lab

Andhra Pradesh is all set to get the first ever National Animal Resource Facility for biomedical research in the country. It will have animals of defined quality that will help obtain reliable results for vaccine development. 
At present, there is no such facility in the country, forcing pharma giants to conduct research in other countries which is very expensive. The new breeding facility is expected to have primates, beagle dogs and other large animals which are as of now not available in India. 
The department of health research under the Union health ministry has already been allocated 100 acres of land in AP for the laboratory, which according to experts will pave way for development of more efficient prophylactic vaccines and curative drugs for diseases like AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis-C etc. “Keeping in view the threat that we have from diseases like AIDS, dengue, chikungunya etc. Such a facility will definitely a boon for the country,” said an official of Union health ministry.

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