You are at APCaptial: Mostly it is Amaravathi!

APCaptial: Mostly it is Amaravathi!

Will `Vastu' be the reason for Amaravathi in being finalized as the favourite location for the new AP capital? Sources say that astrologers and vastu experts have reportedly suggested that CM Chandrababu Naidu should be setting up his capital in Guntur district close to the river Krishna. The reportedly idea is that is that in case capital would be coming up on right bank of the Krishna, the river forms the northern boundary. As per vastu experts, a water body flowing towards the north or north-east side is always considered auspicious which would help `head of the house' to attain strength and power. Vijayawada is reportedly on the left bank of the river while as per vasthu the river should always be on the northern side of the seat of power i.e. secretariat. Naidu has also reportedly been advised that Vaikunthapuram near Amaravati is the perfect spot since the river flows to the north-east (termed eesanyam) of the village. Moreover Guntur district is reportedly located relatively a higher platform when compared to Vijayawada, which is only 12.5 metres above sea level. Astrologers are also reportedly favouring Guntur, as the ruler should not be sitting on the lower platform.

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