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TRS To Take Land From Indira Park For Telangana Kala Bhavan

TRS decides to cut down Indira Park

Hyderabad city already turned as concrete Jungle thanks to the modernization that was happened in last a decade.People need to search for the green spaces in the city and they hardly found two to three places.Besides taking no measures to stop the expansion of the concrete jungle, the ruling  TRS government has decided to deprive denizens of the existing green spaces as well.
Whiel submitting maiden budget finance minister Etela Rajendar announced that
Telangana Kala Bhavan will be set up in 11 acres near India Park in Hyderabad to promote tourism and culture, Rajendar said on Wednesday that the Telangana Kala Bhavan would be constructed keeping in mind the role played by poets and artistes in the struggle for a separate Telangana.
According to sources TRS governemtn is planning to take 12 acres land of Indir Park to construct the Kala Bhavan.Indira Park is the largest green space we have in Hyderabad and it is spread over 69.4 acres and it will be providing lung space for thousands of people every week.
Now ecologists opposing the move of TRS government and questioning th ened of constructing new auditorium as many of the existing ones are idle most of the time due to the high rentals quoted. Environmentalists demand the government to revisit the decision.

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