You are at 'Who else isn't a settler in Hyderabad? - KTR

'Who else isn't a settler in Hyderabad? - KTR


The word 'Settler' was quite popular during the Telangana Movement with TRS Leaders addressing Seem Andhrites living in Hyderabad that way. As the GHMC Polls were approaching, Yet again 'Settler' has gained focus and Political Parties were doing their best to woo the Andhrites. TRS already announced that Settlers will be offered tickets in GHMC elections for the first time. On the other hand, TDP declared a Settler will be made Deputy Mayor if it wins the polls.

And now, Telangana IT & Panchayat Raj Minister K Taraka Rama Rao has gone a step ahead and claimed he himself is a Settler in Hyderabad. He said his family which have roots in Siddipet settled in the Capital. Lastly, KTR questioned in style - 'Who else isn't a settler in Hyderabad?', sending an indication most of the population in the joint capital aren't born & brought up here.

'Settler' has become a powerful weapon in the GHMC polls. Who ever uses it well would have an upper hand for sure!

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