You are at Anna Hazare Fires on Modi!

Anna Hazare Fires on Modi!

Not Only Me Modi Cheated Entire Nation

Anna Hazare, popular social activist and anti corruption campaigner in a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi said Modi and his Government cheated him leaving him high and dry on corruption.

Blasting Modi's Govt at centre, Hazare said PM not only cheated him but also entire country by failing to bring back black money from various countries to India as promised in their manifesto.

He refused to support either of his former proteges Arvind Kejriwal of AAP or Kiran Bedi of BJP in the Delhi assembly elections. He said people could do without them. He warned Modi govt that people will teach them a fitting lesson for the fraud committed against them.

He reminded how Modi and BJP promised to deposit Rs 15 lakhs in the accounts of each citizen with in 100 days and how they failed to do so. Anna Hazare threatened to launch crusade against PM Modi and his Government blasting it for not giving importance to corruption or lokpal bill.

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