You are at KCR told: 'I Haven't Faced Defeat In My Life'

KCR told: 'I Haven't Faced Defeat In My Life'

People of Erravelli and Narasannapeta, the two villages adopted by Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, were jumping in joy with the vast change they have been witnessing. Addressing the villagers, KCR told: 'I haven't faced defeat in my life. With that inspiration, I will be successful in accomplishing the welfare and developments programmes taken up in the adopted villages Erravelli and Narasannapeta'.

On Friday, KCR observed the construction of houses and other development works in the two villages. He offered tractors worth Rs 3 crore to 42 poor families who doesn't have a land/house of their own. He appointed 16 villagers as Joint Zone Operators and 2 others in-charges of Fertilizers godown.

Chief Minister declared that construction of two-bedroom houses will be completed by August 4th. He promised to offered godavari water through Pamulaparthi reservoir within 2-and-a-half years. He assured employment opportunities to every family in these villages. He appealed Villagers to come forward to take part in the development programmes.

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