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Unhooking Bra Competition On Women's Day Shocks All

While the entire world celebrated the International Women's Day in its true spirit, a shopping mall in Liuzhou, China has left everyone shocked by organising a ridiculous 'unhooking bras with single hand' competition on March 8.

The competition featured its participants who are supposed to unhook the bras of models clad in a two piece bikini and standing with their backs facing the audiences. A person who unhooked more number of bras in less time was declared winner.

Ironically, out of 8 shoppers who volunteered to participate in the competition, 7 were women and only 1 participant was male. In the end, a woman was declared winner for unhooking 6 bras in just 14 seconds. After the competition, these models even walked on the stage by covering their faces with masks, displaying their assets to the lustful shoppers.

This bizarre competition rightly welcomed an international dissent against such sickening understanding of the spirit of women's day.

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