You are at KCR made stunning remarks on media ban

KCR made stunning remarks on media ban

Finally KCR has opened up on media ban on Telangana.Its known that Telangana Multi System Operators (TMSOs) Association has stopped airing the programmes of the two channels across Telangana state,  objecting to the manner in which the two channels have been belittling Telangana language and dialect.

Despite of lobbying and protests and many other things KCR didn’t pay heed towards the issue and he maintained healthy silence all these days.

While speaking at the event of Kaloji Centeniary Birth Celebrations that was held today in Warangal KCR supported the ban and he even saluted MSOs for the decision.

“If they want to be on our land, they must salute our land. We don’t want the channels that demean the state Telangana There is no question of excusing someone who made derogatory comments on Telangana MLAs. The decision of ban was purely from MSO’S and it was nowhere related with government. I request the employees of those channels to rethink on supporting their managements”.

‘We’ll bury them deep down 10 kilometers’ KCR said aggressively. With KCR comments it was pretty clear that he was not in a mood to resume them in near future.Let us see how things take shape for these channles  in Telangana.

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