You are at L&T to Stop Hyderabad Metro Construction?

L&T to Stop Hyderabad Metro Construction?

L&T to Stop Hyderabad Metro Construction, The completion of Metro Rail in Hyderabad is in dilemma. There are many differences aroused between Telangana Government and L&T on this project. Soon after, KCR took the charge, he asked to divert initial Metro route to protect Historical Monuments in Hyderabad. L&T is not willing to deviate from the original plan and helpless to construct underground Metro rail in the city.   

Now, L&T Metro Rail Managing Director VB Gadgil wrote a letter to Hyderabad Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy saying that L&T wants to withdraw from the project and suggest the government to take-over the Hyderabad Metro Project. It’s surprising that L&T MD highlighted some political issues in the letter for its dissatisfaction. Gadgil has clearly told that opportunities in Hyderabad have fall down after the division of the state.  

L&T predicts that importance to Hyderabad will not same as before the division of the state. Real estate market fall down is another reason that mentioned in the letter. Gadgil believes that Metro Project can’t sustain with just selling of rail tickets. L&T believes that Hyderabad can’t receive enough investments either from Central Government or from Private Sector. Telangana Government should take proper measures and will convince L&T for not withdrawing from the project. If L&T middle-dropped from the project that will affected much on Hyderabad brand image.

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