You are at Power Crisis giving Tensions to KCR

Power Crisis giving Tensions to KCR

Chief Minister of Telangana state seems to be in high tension. But why? What is that strong reason behind his tension? Is it the GHMC elections? Or the Centre's help? There will surely be many questions about this, but truly speaking it is much bigger than these.

It is because of the power crisis that is going to hit Telangana state in a couple of months. The Telangana government has pinned hopes on the Krishnapatnam and Hinduja projects but the Andhra Pradesh state has declared their full authority on both of the projects. So, this shatters the dreams of Telangana to get 1422 MW.

However, theses both projects produce totally 2640KW and Telangana hoped of getting 53.89% as its share. So, this will surely push the Telangana government into problems in the coming summer. Even if Telangana government approaches the Court it would take much time to solve the problem.

Even if the Hydro based power plants are there in Telangana, there is no use due to the scarcity of water during the summer season. This crisis may persist for five months. The farmers will be at a loss without the power supply. KCR is much worried about the people who may become angry about the power cuts in cities. So, don't you think he is high tension?

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