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Ganesha Chaturthi: 21 Types Of Patra-Patri Used In Vinayaka Chavithi Puja

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival which is celebrated by whole India; every Hindu will first offer prayers for lord Ganesh. They believe by these prayers whoever starts any sort new activities or businesses will go ahead without any obstacles. Ganesh

Patra-patri Puja is very important step in Ganesh Chaturthi puja. 21 types of leaves are used to worship Lord Ganesha during Ganesha Chavithi festival. This pathra puja is also called as 'Eka Vimshathi Patra Puja. Chanting each name of the Lord, Ganesha is worshipped with each type of leaf. As per Hinduism, Rushis used leaves, barks and other tree parts as the Pooja material for Pujas.

We offer 21 types of leaves for this occasion and they have huge preference for those leaves, do you all know that that leaf contains lot of medical benefits?? Let us find below about the same briefly:

1. Machi Patram is a Sanskrit word; in Telugu we call it as Machipatri or Davanam. It cures skin and nervous diseases like leprosy, leucoderma.

2. Brihathi Patram is known as Vaakudaaku in Telugu, this has a medical value which is used to cure asthma, constipation and cough. It cures women post natal period.

3. Bilva patram is known as Maaredu in Telugu, it is used for Dysentery. It purifies water as well. These leaves are most popularly used to worship lord Shiva

4. Durvara Patram which is called Garika in Telugu, this is used to cure skin diseases and anaemia patients will use it regularly.

5. Dattura Patram it is called Ummetta in Telugu, this leaf is used to for poisonous bites. It has medical benefits which cures joint pains and abdominal disorders.

6. Badari patram is known as Regu akkalu, it purifies blood, wounds and injuries. Singers use these leaves to maintain their voice.

7. Apamarga Patram is called Uttareni, which has lot of medicine qualities which cures digestive disorders and improves metabolism.

8. Tulasi patram it is called Tulasi in Telugu, these are famous to cure cough, cold, skin disease. Many parents keep these leaves handy for kids, it is most popularly used to worship lord Vishnu.

9. Choota Patram it is called Mamidaaku in Telugu, it cures throat diseases, diabetics and cracked heals.

10. Karaveera Patram it is known as Ganneru akkulu, it medical benefits are mostly used for hairfall and leprosy.

11. Vishnu Kranta Patram is called Vishnukanta, it cures nervous related issues and improves memory power.

12. Daadimee Patram is known as Danimma akkulu, it cures Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

13. Devadaaru Patram is called as Devadaaru in Telugu and it cures skin diseases.

14. Maruvaka patram is known as Maruvam, it cures heart, skin diseases and works for joint pains.

15. Sindhuvara Patram is called as Vavili in Telugu and it is used as anti poisonous drugs.

16. Jaji Patram is known as Jaji and it cures mouth related issues, skin diseases.

17. Gandaki Patram it is called Devakanchanam in Telugu, it cures piles, heart and skin related diseases.

18. Shami Patram it is called Jammi Aaku which clears all respiratory problems. This tree is worshipped on Vijaya Dasami.

19. Aswatha Patram is called Raavi Aaku, it's bark is used in many medicines and also used for arresting bleeding.

20. Arjuna Patram is known as Tella Maddi in Telugu, it clear septic conditions on wounds, joint pains and heart diseases.

21. Arka Patram is called as Jilledu, it is called healing herbs of 64 varieties. It cures skin diseases, tumours and joint pains.

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