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Gadde Rammohan Gets AP CM Appointment Anytime!


AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is too busy and too occupied. It's not easy to get his appointment. But taking many by surprise one MLA is managing to get his appointment on regular basis. He is none other than Vijayawada East MLA Gadde Ramamohan who is in the good books of CM Chandrababu Naidu. Mr Naidu gives him appointment whenever Ramamohan asks for. Even many of higher officials in CMO, ministers and other MLAs wonder how Ramamohan gets CM appointment often?

Spilling the beans, none other than Mr Naidu revealed how Ramamohan is working hard and asked others to emulate him, follow him. Ramamohan is doing a great job in his constituency. He apparently distributes Iron boxes, cycle rickshaws and contribute for setting up small shops for poor, impoverished. This is not all. Ramammohan constantly rounds around his constituency on daily basis. He attends almost all marriages, events in his constituency. He takes feedback on government schemes, development programs and on price raises of pulses and etc. He takes Mr Naidu's appointment once in a while and gives him complete picture on the ground zero. With this Chandrababu Naidu is said to be super impressed and openly mentioned about him in the recent cabinet meeting. One must appreciate Ramamohan for his hard work. Also one must appreciate Mr Naidu for giving credit to his MLA and asking Ministers, Officials to follow him.

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