You are at I Take Criticism As An Incentive: Big B

I Take Criticism As An Incentive: Big B


Amitabh Bachchan has seen lots of ups and downs in his life. He remains undisturbed even if was praised or criticized, that's one of the reasons for his long stay on Twitter.

In a recent interview, Big B explained: "People in Creative Field can't escape criticism. Its a challenge and one should be prepared to face them. Being a public figure, Expecting People not to judge us or our work isn't right. One should just move on without giving too much importance to them. When you enjoy praises, You have no right to complain against Criticism. I always take Critics into confidence and it helps me overcome my mistakes."

"People keep criticizing Me for my dressing or appearance and they ask Me what I have contributed. I take them in a positive spirit. Too much praise will destroy people. Nobody is perfect and all of us do mistakes at some stage". Comments of Bachchan might surely help Stars of Younger Generation on how to deal with criticism or negativity.

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