You are at With Cyclone Effects Vizag Turned Out Unsafe

With Cyclone Effects Vizag Turned Out Unsafe

Vizag - Most unsafe region to live in AP!!

Vizag area is under the radar of AP government in case of the capital city race, few months back. With hudhud cyclone, entire scenario got changed and Vizag is now turning into a tough place to live in. People are fearing hearing the name of cyclone.

Recently, one more cyclone was stated to be attacking Vizag. People literally got shivered with that aspect. Fortunately, it got weakened and Vizag got saved from disaster. Now, people as well as few research teams are saying that Vizag is an unsafe region in AP.

Its exposure to the sea and the region with heavy industries on the sea side, may face huge trouble in upcoming future. People trashed this concept few days back but Hudhud is creating these doubts once again in the minds of people.

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