You are at Revanth Reddy to play Key role in Telkangana TDP!

Revanth Reddy to play Key role in Telkangana TDP!

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Telugu Desam Party Supremo Chandra Babu Naidu has turned his focus on to strengthening of the party in Telangana region. The party in the new state was severely battered during the Telangana agitation but some how Chandra Babu managed to keep it together somehow.

But TRS is continuously targeting TDP MLAs and leaders to weaken the party in the state. In order counter TRS party efficiently, Chandra Babu wants to groom Revanth Reddy as the future leader for the party in the region.

Chandra Babu wants to announce a crucial post for Revanth but backed off as it would irk the party seniors and but now Chandra Babu wants to take a call to instill confidence in the party cadre. As a first step, Revanth Reddy was inducted in to the Party's Polit Bureau along with Sandra Venkata Veeraiah and Sujana Chowdary.

Sources in Telugu Desam Party inform us that Revanth Reddy may even grow as TDP Chief Minister candidate by the time of next elections. Reddys are a dominant caste in Telangana politically. However with TRS winning and Velamas at the helm, Reddys of the region are insecured and are looking at the right party to back up their supremacy. Revanth Reddy's selection may help TDP in this aspect.

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