You are at Babu planning to get rid of Pawan?

Babu planning to get rid of Pawan?

There are reports that Andhra Pradesh CM and TDP Boss Chandrababu Naidu may be mentally getting prepared to face the expected rise of BJP-Pawan Kalyan by 2019 going by some of the statements from BJP leaders. Sources say that Babu himself is actively encouraging the BJP leadership regarding this where he could be made a Rajya Sabha MP and sent to Delhi for becoming a union minister. 

 This is reportedly being supported by the senior BJP leader and union minister Venkaiah Naidu who wants to make sure TDP is not troubled to a large extent by projecting Pawan as BJP’s CM candidate for AP in 2019 elections. Hence just like how he handled Nandamuri Harikrishna, Babu along with a section of BJP leaders may be planning to send Pawan Kalyan to Delhi under the pretext of being made a Rajya Sabha MP. What will Pawan Kalyan do is something to be seen.

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