You are at Chandrababu relaxed with dance at Yoga Sessions!

Chandrababu relaxed with dance at Yoga Sessions!

Buzz:Chandrababu dance at Yoga classes

Its known that Spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev recently organized 'Inner Engineering - for joyful living' for ministers and government officials of AP.

As per sources Naidu broke into dances in the event upon request from Jaggi Vasudev and all the officials who attended the session thoroughly enjoyed Chandra Babu and Jaggi Vasudev's dance.Naidu actively participated in the Yoga sessions and he surprised onlookers by dancing all inhibitions aside.

Chandrbabau is a regular follower of Yoga and he feels that Yoga provides the best relief physically and mentally and helps to keep fit. Daily he woke up at 4.30 am and perform Yoga and physical exercises before leaving out for the work.

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