You are at BJP MLA insulted by Telangana EC?

BJP MLA insulted by Telangana EC?


Argument between Telangana Election Commission officer Nagireddy and BJP MLA Chintala Ramchandra Reddy shocked everyone. When all party delegation went to complain against MIM over the attacks in GHMC elections, shocking incidents happened.Leaders revealed that BJP MLA Chintala Ramachandra Reddy alleged that police and election commission worked for the ruling TRS and alleged that the officials worked wearing pink shirts.

Nagireddy,Election official who turned furious asked 'what are you taking' Ramachandra Reddy questioned why he is addressing him in insulting manner. Nagireddy shocked by asking don't you change are you Telanganite or Andhraite. With things getting out of control, Congress leaders Jana Reddy and Shabbir Ali calmed them. All are questioning Nagireddy why he brought in Telangana,Andhra issue in MIM attacks.

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