You are at Who's Feet Did Jana Sena Chief Touch?

Who's Feet Did Jana Sena Chief Touch?

The news of Pawan Kalyan touching the feet of an Individual out of respect has spread like wild fire. Who is that very special personality? ... Yesterday, Pawan Kalyan went to Kiran Eye Hospital in Kakinada and touched the feet of Doctor Sankurathri Chandrasekhar before interacting with him for sometime. Onlookers appeared shell shocked by this unusual development.

Later, Jana Sena Chief heaped praises on the character of Dr. Chandrasekhar. He told Dr. Chandrasekhar, who lost his wife & children, didn't gave up hope but offered vision to so many people with his selfless service. Fans were happy to see Pawan Kalyan behave so normally without any starry tantrums. They now proudly claim their favorite hero is well-behaved, grounded and also open to appreciate the good work done.

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