You are at Oops moment for PM Modi in US

Oops moment for PM Modi in US

PM Narendra Modi might have delivered stentorian and rhetoric speech at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sunday. But Modi couldn't avoid his "usual" slip-up in US as well. Modi by mistake, referred 'Mahatma' Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as "Mohanlal". This turned out to be "biggest" faux pas as now Opposition parties and Modi-baiters are now hitting at this and "highlighting" his goof-up.

However, this is not first-time Modi made such mistakes. Earlier in June 2014, he did something similar while addressing Bhutan parliament. By mistake, Modi then referred Bhutan royal family as "Nepal" royal family. Modi has been criticized by his detractors for his "distortion" of facts, "history" several times. Especially he got several facts wrong during election campaigns. Yet at the end, Modi's one-liners, witty comments that made him a rock star in US.

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