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Indian Targets Selected, Reply Will Be Strong: Pakistan

Pakistani defence forces have readied an “operational plan” to give a befitting response to any “misadventure from war-mongering India” and targets in India have also been selected for an immediate quid pro quo, a Pakistani daily said on Friday quoting defence sources. Amid the rise in bilateral temperatures, the daily quoted defence sources as saying, “Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any military challenge from India. Our operational plan is ready, quid pro quo targets are finalised and forces have been dedicated.”

The source said that Pakistan would not digest any aggression from India, The News reported. “India is well aware of our capabilities and also knows the fact that despite the Pakistan Army's participation in internal security issues, a military balance is well maintained to meet any challenge from across the border.” “Whether it is a Cold Start or hot pursuit, we are ready,” a defence source said when asked about India's reported preparations to attack selected targets in Pakistan under the Cold Start war doctrine.

The defence sources quoted by the daily said that Islamabad would not tolerate any air space violation or any ground attack. In case of a surgical attack from India, Pakistan will respond immediately, and for that targets have already been set. The source also said that in view of Pakistan's defence capabilities and knowing well how Pakistan could respond, India might not go beyond the war hysteria it had created.

The source also said that there were reports that India might go for a terrorist attack in Balochistan through its proxies while using Afghan soil. Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Syed Khurshid Shah, has said that war between Pakistan and India is not in the interest of anyone. “Any war in the world is not limited. Pak-India war is not in the interest of anyone.” He went on to say India wants to work on some larger agenda. If war erupts then it will put in jeopardy the region and the entire world.

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