You are at Andhra Pradesh will be in top place by 2029

Andhra Pradesh will be in top place by 2029

Telangana chief minister KCR had finalised the portfolios to new ministers. Even the ministers are entered into office and started their work officially, but TRS party leaders anger on KCR still progressing. KCR announcement of Thalasani, Thummala and  Reddy given a blow in party circles. Aspirants had expressed their reluctance in accepting these people entry into cabinet. They are questioning KCR for offering ministries to the people who never participated in Telangana agitation. Even the leaders who took oath now objected Telangana movement in multiple occasions adding strength to their arguments.

It's a big question for party followers on which basis KCR considered them into cabinet. Even MLA's are unable to convince their cadre on this selection. According to sources KCR son KTR expressed dissatisfaction on entry of Thalasani. They confirmed that KCR just focused on stabilising the party in respective districts is the main reason behind this selection. May be its true but critics says that should be balanced otherwise it will send negative signals to cadre.

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