You are at Now it's Botsa's turn, Punches to KCR

Now it's Botsa's turn, Punches to KCR

KCR comments on media and his attitude to control it during a public meeting had given a chance to opposition. Many opposition leaders had condemned his behavior. Even from Andhra Pradesh he is experiencing heat from many.

AP former PCC president Bothsa Satyanarayana took on KCR over his harsh comments on media. Talking to Media Bothsa condemned the words of KCR and his aggressiveness in taking unauthorized actions. Bothsa says” everyone has right to live anywhere in India. Constituency provided that feasibility to live freely without any ones objection. There is no need to salute to someone for the sake of living in that place”.

Bothsa urged Governor to intervene in this issue to provide possible solution. He also requested governor openly to provide security to Andhra people who living Hyderabad.

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