You are at Baby Born at 6.4 kg in Vellore Sets Record

Baby Born at 6.4 kg in Vellore Sets Record


A newborn boy has created a record of sorts weighing in at 6.4 kg, probably being the heaviest baby ever born in the state. The baby was delivered on Monday at the Dr Sandhya Hospital in Sathuvachari.

Dr Sandhya who delivered the baby said that despite his weight, the boy was normal but was being monitored in the nursery. The baby's mother, Umamaheswari (29), weighs around 94 kg and the weight of her two previous babies were not much higher than the norm. The first, a girl, weighed 4.5 kg when born and the second child, also a girl, weighed in at 3.5 kg. The children's father, Shankar, is an electrician and is of normal height and weight, the doctor said.

“The mother is a regular patient and I have been monitoring this baby throughout her pregnancy. I thought this time the baby could be heavy, perhaps with up to 5 kg weight, but had never though that the baby would weigh as much as he does. He was taken out through a C-section," she said.

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