You are at After TRS now YSRCP targets Pawan

After TRS now YSRCP targets Pawan

Politicians from two states  started attacking Pawan Kalyan about his healthy silence.Speaking to an English daily, Nizamabad MP and KCR  daughter Kavita ridiculed Pawan saying that he has always been a make-up and pack-up guy.

The sudden comments of Kavita tuned surprise for many fans they started searching the exact motive behind Kavita’s words.Now its time for AP politicians to fire their guns on Pawan

Opposition party YSRCP leader Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy slammed actor Pawan Kalyan for completely disappearing after the elections.

The YSRCP leader said that he was clueless about  Pawan presence post elections. He asked Pawan when he would question the TDP leaders, who have cheated AP people.‘’During the launch of his party, Pawan had promised that he would ask the rulers about their mistakes but he is not visible to the public these days.Where he has gone?’’Asked Dwarampudi

 The YSRCP leader assured that his party would stand by the public.

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