You are at Internet speed at Prime Minister Office!

Internet speed at Prime Minister Office!

Do you know whats the speed of Modi Internet?

A recent RTI application has revealed that Internet speed at the Prime Minister's Office is 34 Mbps. The application filed by Vinoth Ranganathan, co-founder of has revealed this news to media. Though the speed of Internet far behind when compare with USA broadband services(1GB around) which is very high compared with the average Internet connection speed in India of 2Mbps.

As per the reply from PMO its reveled that the National Informatics Centre is providing a speed up to 34mbps to PMO.Earlier in the year, India was ranked an abysmal 115 in Akamai's 'State of Internet' report. THe report revealed India lackness in infrastructure development. Adding to this its stated The average peak connection speed in India is around 14.2mbps, and only 1.2 per cent people in the country enjoy speeds beyond 10mbps. South Korea topped the list with record speed of 24.6 MBPS.

Fast Internet connections enable lower latency in streaming video, loading web pages and downloading files. According to Google report  India lags behind in this regard, Considering this fact Google introduced offline viewing option specially to Indian users.

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