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Paris attacker's father tried to extract son from Isis in Syria


A tale of a 67 year old French Algerian father was published in Le Monde news paper in France in 2014 and republished recently after the Paris attacks. The story talks of a helpless father that had no idea how to save his son or what his song was upto under the Islamic state influence.

The father we are talking here about is Azzedine, father of Suicide bomber Sammy Amimour, 28, who blew himself up at the Bataclan concert hall killing 80 people. His father told the French newspaper in 2014 that Samy's radicalization began at the age of 22, working as a bus driver while still living with his parents in North eastern Paris. He used to demand his mom to wear a veil.

In 2012 samy was questioned by French officials of his connections with terror sympathizers after which he move to Syria. Azzedine was constantly at fear that his son would be killed by President Bashar Assad's soldiers or would be jailed In Paris like the other Jihadists. Azzedine for the good of his son was planning on meeting Samy in Syria and asking him to start life afresh in Algeria. Tell him that he was on the wrong side and save him from evil.

But when Azzedine met him in Syria he had combat marks on his face and walking with clutches. Azzedine had no idea what happened to his son or why he was in such situation or what was he upto. The person who accompanied Azzedine never let his son be alone with him. A letter to Samy from his mom did not change his mind. With a hope that his son someday would return back home Azzedine got back to France

On November 13 it came clear as to what Samy was up to and what his dad could not do for his son. Azzedine had lost Samy forever and with him he took 80 innocents along.

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