You are at Babu Impresses Japanese investors!

Babu Impresses Japanese investors!

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is not only going all out to woo Japanese investors during his six-day tour to Japan beginning Monday but has also started reading famous American political scientist and economist, Francis Fukuyama’s book ‘Political Order and Political Decay’.

Mr. Fukuyama’s other well-known book is ‘The End of History and the Last Man’.

‘Youkoso’ meaning ‘Welcome to Andhra Pradesh’, the Chief Minister says in Japanese in the five-minute video presentations prepared in both English and Japanese by the State government. Brochures, outlining the opportunities in Andhra Pradesh have been published in English and Japanese.

In the brochure, the Chief Minister says, “I invite you to explore a plethora of opportunities in our State and to be part of scripting the future of our Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh.”

Stating that his aim is to use business and technology and integrate them to improve the quality of lives of people through excellent e-Governance and IT, Mr. Naidu says, “I am confident that we will chart a path to profits and investments where people will work passionately for a purpose.”

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