You are at Silent Congress wave starts in Medak?

Silent Congress wave starts in Medak?

This may be rather a surprising news in store as part of the by elections to Medak Lok Sabha being held next week. The reason we say this is because the Congress party seems to be undertaking a silent revolution in that area. There has been a talk that the main contenders for this are TRS and BJP-TDP alliance while Congress has to be content with a third position, but sources say that a silent wave may have started for Congress here. The candidate Suneetha Lakshma Reddy holds considerable sway among the voters here have given her clean and pro-development image during previous government and also the fact that she is a woman. At the same time there are reports that since TRS is already a ruling party then why not give a chance to Congress which is mainly responsible for Telangana formation. Also, the TRS candidate Prabhakar Reddy is an outsider and is only believed to have secured a ticket due to his rich business empire!

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